Ein Gedicht: „I lost myself in loosing you“

I have to feel it – one by one.
I have to carry it  – until it’s gone.
No feelings left, but so much past.
I have to clean those inner places.
I have to stop my thoughtful races.

I’m sitting here,
he’s all alone.
The time of us it is all gone.
Can’t connect myself to what went wrong.

I can’t offer you a single emotion,
past is gone,
not able to fake another notion
drowned in his all alone.

I’m sitting here,
I’m all alone,
can watch myself
by being gone.

After all those years and much more places.
I’ve seen a different kind of different faces.
And I don’t like yours the most.
I know our time was well spent,
but all in lost.

It was all good then,
but I’m not here anymore,
I’ve lost the feeling for your loneliness,
don’t remember when.


Copyright Nicole Inez


Platz für wertschätzend formulierte, reflektierte, zum Thema passende und nicht romanartige Äußerungen!

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