Ein Gedicht: „Karma is just one of these“

Don’t tell me not what it is,
you are just one of these.
One of these which don’t talk about what
Karma is.

You believer in nothing but yourself,
your greatness,
just living what hate is.
Your absent heart’s the only thing
you don’t miss.

Won’t you stop to believe in God,
if we feel that he’s all that you are not.
Won’t you stop to believe in yourself,
if you put us all on a burning shelve.

Oh you longlasting creation
of just the next station.
And I want to get out,
I won’t take you with me
cause I live what Karma is about.

Karma is a bitch they said,
but the question is
what we gonna do,
when  some kind of you is ahead?

Let God handle it,
but why do our hearts have to admit?
Why we have to follow your lifetime crime,
to be in absence of an emotional mine.


©Nicole Inez



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