Ein Gedicht: „Besides in between“

While you sit.
Here i have to.
Have to admit.
Can you hear?
Hear it.
This question.
Is this all?
Is it me?
Is this.
Is this what’s life.
What’s life ment to be.
Is it in my blood?
Is it in my passion?
Or just another fucked up session.
Well worn fashion.
Never left behind?
Is it colored,
or is it blind?
What is it in the morning.
Kind of healing,
or just another warning?
Warn me for spending.
Spending a day with
the wrong wrong way.
Is the world a stage?
Or are we just another
slave to the wage?
What is this in beetween,
forever hunted,
but never seen.

©Nicole Inezasking.







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