Frohes Neues Jahr ihr Lieben <3

Liebe Leute,
Auch im Neuen Jahr versorge ich euch mit allerlei Weisheiten 😉 Vielleicht finde ich heuer wieder mehr Zeit für mein Baby (ja, ich meine meinen Blog). Auf jeden Fall wünsche ich Euch allen eine super Start ins Neue Jahr! (Lest, liked und teilt brav weiter meine Beiträge – das bringt Glück <3)
Neue Grüße,
Eure Nicole
Heartcatcher (4)

„You need to live again“

Sometimes all you can do is sit and watch the rain,
running down your face again.
Held back tears,
future signed fears,
when no one’s near there is.
So much you would love to say,
but you keep the silence anyway.

Sometimes all you can do is wait and listen to the thunder,
emotions crawling deep down under.
Moving on,
step by step,
caring for the new born lack.
So much I would love to say,
but I keep my distance anyway.

Sometimes all you can do is hoping for the storm to pass,
feeling individual like the mass.
Holding on to hope,
climbing up the other rope.
So much we would love to say,
but we keep our distance anyway.

You need to travel to arrive.
You need to be dead to feel alive.
You need to be sad to feel the luck.
You need to be free to know you’re stuck.
You need to live again.
Without compromises without a when.
Cause if it is right it would have happened then.

– Nicole Inez